To James Grahame

date 23 March 1802

from Edinburgh

To James Grahame (23 March 1802)

Edinr 23 March 1802

My Dear Grahame

I was so sickened lately with nuptial congratulations myself that I have not the heart to oppress you with them in writing – Indeed all my practice in that way having been in receiving I should be as awkward as the most inexpert in giving, and probably should blunder out my thanks when I meant to give you my benediction – However you know how sincerely Ialways wished fro your happiness even before this event came to ensure it, and will believe that if I intermit them now, it is only because I no longer look upon them as necessary — I would give you a long lecture too on the duties of your new condition if I were not afraid that you would look upon me as too young a practitioner to speak with much authority; and would let you into a few secrets of the greatest matrimonial importance if I were not jealous of the small advantage I have of you and determined to keep all the benefits of my four months seniority — But to tell you the truth Dear Grahame it was not precisely for the purpose either of giving you counsel or reasons for not giving it that I thought of troubling you with a letter at this busy time – I have some thoughts of coming to your circuit next week and I thought you would be a good person to tell me whether you thought I should get anything to do if I came – Both Jardine and you are incapacitated by recent matrimony I take it for engaging of anything of the kind and as the circuit is a good deal earlier than usual some of the other regular attendants may perhaps be thrown out – If you can get any paltry little case for me it will be a good work to secure it – tho’ not to be compared I acknowledge with the great act of Persian [?morality margin obscured] upon which I assume you are intent at present – I have no news to amuse you with – supposing bthat my kind of news could amuse you – except that Mrs J. has fallen desperately in love with your mother and is in despair of the idea of her going away from us –

Have the goodness to present me very kindly – if that word will not excite your jealousy – to Mrs Grahame – and prepare her to judge charitably of me when we shall b better acquainted. Remember me to your sister and all your other friends – Do not forget to write me a line or two as soon as possible and believe me

Always Dear Grahame

Very Faithfully Yours

F. Jeffrey

P.S. Do not give yourself any extraordinary trouble in hunting down a case for me – if I have liesure I shall come I believe at any rate – Mrs J. does not come with me – but I declare upon my honor that I do not come to see my uncle – Mrs J. sends all sorts of complts and pretty wishes —

National Library of Scotland MS 786, f. 60
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