To Gregory Watt

date 1804

from 62 Queen Street, Edinburgh

To Gregory Watt

Dear Sir

I believe you know that we are writing a Review here, and may easily conjecture that we are ambitious of enlisting all the talent in the country that does not disdain to skirmish under our banners — As you have liesure [sic] to read Schillers history of the Thirty Years War perhaps you might find time to send us a short article now and then, and [crossed out] I being desirous of bringing a good recruit into our quarters have promised to use all my endeavours to crimp you —— We arein considerable want of a German reviewer and are not over well provided with chemists that know anything of writing – I wish I could tempt you with an inviting book but I am afraid you must provide for yourself – There is but one I shall venture to suggest which I know you could do admirably, and which can scarcely be done here at all — the last French edition of Werners Theorie des Filons [Nouvelle théorie de la formation des filons = ‘seams/veins’] which has lately been sent down to us – a learned article upon that subject would be very creditable to our journal and I am sure would cost you very little pains – if there be anything else which you would like to do better, we shall be equally happy to receive it —

As the literary and scientific connections of your family are as extensive, I take it, as those of any Academy in Europe, perhaps you may be able to suggest some valuable contributors – and to some of these it may not be a matter of absolute indifference <to know> that we pay, for prime articles – at the rate of ten guineas a sheet – an unprecedented liberality say the booksellers, but which they hope to be enabled to support by the encreasing sale of the publication —

I hope the influenza has migrated from your city for half a century to come – tho’ for your own part I am persuaded that it would be of use to you to perform quarantine for some weeks with us – tho’ to confess the truth there is nothing going on among us but speculations upon War and debate about bigamy in the General assembly – I am

Dear Sir, very Sincerely Yours

F. Jeffrey

62. Queen Street

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